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Fort Zeelandia

destinations, Paramaribo
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Fort ZeelandiaRating:  4.8  (5 votes | 4 reviews)


Fort Zeelandia is a former Dutch fort in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, located on the left bank of the Suriname River.


Fort Zeelandia originated from the early 17th century when the Dutch founded a trading business near the Indian village Parmirbo, later Paramaribo. In order to defend the settlement  a reinforcement was constructed. The British conquered it in 1651 and named it Fort Willoughby, to Lord Willoughby. In 1667 conquered the Dutch, led by Abraham Crijnssen and the fort was called Fort Zeelandia. While in 1712 the French, led by the notorious pirate Cassard had conducted a successful attack on part of the plantations around Fort Zeelandia, on the right bank of the river  a new fort, Fort New Amsterdam. was built. Fort Zeelandia has over the years various social destinations. It has been  a military camp,a  prison and now a museum. After a temporary interruption since 1995 ,in Fort Zeelandia we have the Suriname Museum again.



modified: 2010-06-23

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Comments (4):

  • Suzy on 2010-06-202010-06-20Fort Zeelandia | rating:  4 report abuse

    Fort zeelandia... de plek waar  het allemaal voor Suriname begon. Een plek met een zeer beladen maar heel interessante  geschiedenis. Nu als museum ingericht. Ook zijn er afwisselend steeds hele interessante tentoonstellingen. Je kunt er in het eenvoudig doch gezellig restaurant aan de Suriname rivier heerlijk lunchen.

  • Alice on 2010-06-202010-06-20Fort Zeelandia | rating:  4 report abuse

    Really special to see how it really was so long ago.

  • Tzeitl on 2010-06-142010-06-14Fort Zeelandia | rating:  5 report abuse

    Fort Zeelandia is certainly worth your visit. It is a historical place, in a beautiful location. On the bank of the Suriname River, because it was originally a fortress of the Dutch rulers to keeping other foreign invaders from the Surinamese waters. Beyond a historical overview of what has happened over time in the fort in Suriname and the role it has played, there are changing exhibitions. Among others, from contemporary artists Suriname.

  • Angelique on 2010-02-172010-02-17Fort Zeelandia | rating:  5 report abuse

    beautiful, authentic fort, very nostalgic. Glad I've been there

  • Jo-Ann on 2010-01-112010-01-11Fort Zeelandia | rating:  5 report abuse

    beautiful it really is alive, you taste the atmosphere of the time


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