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Paramaribo Zoo

destinations, Paramaribo
Paramaribo ZooRating:  5.0  (3 votes | 6 reviews)


The Paramaribo Zoo is located behind the Letitia Vriesde Laan (formerly Cultuurtuinlaan)We can come there by walking, on a bicycle or with a car .



This relatively small zoo is a great place to spend a few hours. Young and old will have fun here at the petting zoo, playground, kwata monkeys habitat, anacondas and blasman bird. But Terry the river otter and Miertje the anteater are a real attraction. Regularly on Sunday (family) events are held. There are also cabins for rent if you have a (children's) party to celebrate. The zoo is open daily from 09.00 am to 18.00 pm. Small snacks are on hand for sale.


modified: 2010-06-23

Pictures of Paramaribo Zoo

Comments (6):

  • Suzy on 2010-06-192010-06-19Paramaribo Zoo | rating:  5 report abuse

    The Paramaribo Zoo is a very nice place to have fun and especially with kids. And the big space lends itself very well to give a party. It's never too crowded and the entrance price is very attractive. You can often enjoy the free straying monkeys. Very exciting for all ages. A fine place for a relaxing afternoon.


  • Naomi on 2010-06-192010-06-19Paramaribo Zoo | rating:  5 report abuse

    The zoo is really nice. It has a different atmosphere than that of giant zoos abroad. There is a wonderful playground for the kids, one you can well oversee. The entrance fee is not too high. And it is rarely crowded so you can enjoy a little walk.

  • Tzeitl on 2010-06-142010-06-14 report abuse

    The zoo is perfect for children's parties. The animals are clearly visible and identifiable from the various children's and school books, many animals have the space. There is a slide and a British swing and a "lift" and there is place for a picnic, so something for everyone. Moreover, the entrance fee is very affordable

  • Froukje on 2010-06-112010-06-11 report abuse

    While of course you can find zoos everywhere, I have never visited a zoo that had a such a cozy atmosphere. It costs almost nothing and it is at least as crowded as in most zoos. You can make a pleasent strawl and view the animals in a setting that does more justice to them then in most Zoos.

  • Jessica on 2010-06-112010-06-11Paramaribo Zoo | rating:  5 report abuse

    The last few years, the Paramaribo Zoo is greatly enhanced. It is a fun afternoon away with the family ....

  • Jouke on 2010-06-102010-06-10Paramaribo Zoo | rating:  5 report abuse

    The atmosphere is very pleasant and the nice thing is that, with luck, you can see monkeys outside the booths in the trees above your head, greeting their family members in the booths.


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