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Peperpot is the name of a former plantation and a village in the district Commewijne. 

Peperpot is on the right bank of the Suriname River and is one of the oldest plantations in the history of  Suriname. It is built by the British and existed before the conquest of Suriname by the Dutch guided by Abraham Crijnssen in 1667. The heyday came in the early twentieth century. Then the Javanese contracters cultivated over 1600 hectares of land. In 1998, all work stopped because of inadequate returns.

This is one of the last plantations left, in a partly original state, to visit. On the plantation is an, although overgrown, coffee and cocoa planting to see and you can still find an old depot and factory and also the plantation house, the managershouse and a kampong. Major renovations are currently underway.

modified: 2010-06-22

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  • Suzy on 2010-06-212010-06-21Peperpot | rating:  2 report abuse

    Een mooie tocht naar peperpot, vooral op de fiets vanaf Paramaribo. In het bloeiseizoen is het heerlijk om zo een cacao vrucht van de boom te plukken , stukslaan en lekker op de cacao bonen zuigen. De vervallen plantage- en opzichterswoning is nog te zien. Alsook  de koffie fabriek en de koffieloods met droogvloer. Er wordt op dit moment hard gewerkt aan renovatie van de plantage woning. Geweldig initatief.


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