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Roopram Roti Shop

Roopram Roti Shop

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Roopram Roti ShopRating:  4.5  (2 votes | 3 reviews)


Roopram restaurant is a very famous roti shop, with local branches in both Suriname and the Netherlands. At  Roopram restaurant you can get delicious roti. It is also a great takeaway for the true enthusiast roti eater.
Roopram restaurant has the look of a fast food chain where you can eat good and tasty for a reasonable price.


Roopram restaurant in Suriname can be found at the following addresses:

- Jagernath Lachmon Street 53 (formerly Coppename Street)
- Zwartenhovenbrugstraat 23
- Watermolenstraat 37
- Dr. S. 47 Redmond Street
- Corona Street


modified: 2010-06-22

Comments (3):

  • Jouke on 2010-06-252010-06-25Roopram Roti Shop | rating:  2 report abuse
    Jammer dat er standaard geen groente bijzit, verder is het een prima roti
  • Suzy on 2010-06-192010-06-19Roopram Roti Shop | rating:  4 report abuse

    You can become addicted to it.

  • Jessica on 2010-06-192010-06-19 report abuse

    Here they have the most delicious roti's!


  • Naomi on 2010-06-192010-06-19Roopram Roti Shop | rating:  5 report abuse

    The food is really delicious.


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